Éclat Studio Story


Éclat's Tattoo Jewelry Line provides a customizable lettering option.

To be a part of our muse's journey of recollection.

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Éclat Studio began its journey back in 2013 in Paris with extensive research in jewelry products based on real tattoos. And we officially launched in 2019. After filing an idea patent on a tattoo bracelet and necklace for those hesitant to get a real tattoo, Éclat Studio started its significant product development.To produce the highest quality products, Éclat Studio structured a system and got acknowledged in the custom jewelry market. Currently, we are focusing on broadening our distribution network and infrastructure.


'Everyone has the right to look beautiful'  is the one and only goal we had in mind to provide our customers the most natural and beautiful jewelry pieces. We hope to provide the greatest product and experience based on our heritage by utilizing silver in our pieces.